Edamame    3.95

Lightly salted steamed soybeans  

Fried Tofu    4.95

Served with sweet and sour sauce, and ground peanuts.

Crispy Egg Roll    3.95

Filled with cellophane noodles and vegetables, served 

with sweet and sour sauce.

Chive Dumplings    3.95

Crisp or steamed vegetable dumpling with tangy sweet 

and sour chilli soy sauce.

Spring Roll    4.95

Fresh soft crepes filled with tofu, cucumber, bean sprout, 

topped with plum sauce, egg, carrot and scallions. 

Crab Rangoon    4.95

Fried wonton stuffed with crab, celery and cream cheese.

Pot Stickers    5.95

Shrimp and vegetable dumpling with a tangy soy sauce.

Shumai    5.95

Steamed dumplings filled with shrimp and vegetable 

with tangy soy sauce.

Satay Chicken    6.95

Grilled marinated chicken breast served with Thai 

peanut sauce and Asian cucumber salad.

Vietnamese Roll    7.95

Vermicelli, green leaves, mint leaves, basil, chicken 

and shrimp, served with hoisin sauce.

Shrimp Roll    6.95

Shrimp in crispy thin rice sheet with sweet and sour sauce

Angel Wings    6.95

Chicken wings stuffed with glass noodles, cabbage, carrots, 

and chicken served with home made sweet and sour sauce.

Lime Chicken       6.95

Deep fried chicken breast on a bed of crispy green leaves 

with a side of homemade lime sauce.

Crispy Tilapia    8.95

Deep fried tilapia on a bed of cabbage served with 

sweet and sour sauce. 

Vegetarian Sampling Platter    8.95

egg roll, spring roll, edamame, chive dumplings

Seafood Sampling Platter     12.95

pot stickers, shrimp roll, crab rangoon, shumai

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